Camo Wedding Rings for Him

Dina Fithia July 30, 2013
camo wedding rings for him

Ideas for Camo Wedding Rings for Him

For most people, weddings are sacred and considered to be once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, therefore its normal for people who wanted their wedding to be perfect, including by giving their partner a perfect wedding ring. Diamonds are considered to be the perfect choice to be a wedding ring, yet they are expensive and not many people can afford to buy a diamond wedding ring. For those people, camo wedding rings could be picked out as an alternative, because it is less expensive than a diamond. Another reason to pick camo wedding ring for your male partner is because camo pattern has long been associated with masculinity, since usually people wear clothing with camo pattern for outdoor activity such as hunting or hiking. Other than being less expensive than diamond, camo wedding ring also has the advantage of being unique and more personal. Many stores offer customization service, so you can personalize your ring however you want them to, so your ring won’t be the same as any other ring. Surely, your partner will appreciate this more rather than being given a more common diamond ring.

There are many pattern options for your ring, from those inspired by original military patterns to original pattern. All you have to do is choose based upon your partner’s taste and interest. Ask him for advice so that you won’t waste your money on something he doesn’t like, or better, you can ask him to pick a ring he like from a catalogue or ask him to accompany you to a jeweler. This way, you can be sure that he will pick something he likes. For those who prefer surprises and don’t want his partner to know, you can take hints and clues based on his preference in camo pattern, you can look on his camo clothing and go from there. Take pictures of his camo clothing and ask the jeweler if he has something like them available or if he can customize it to your needs.

Other than patterns, you can also customize the material for your ring. There are plenty of materials to choose for your ring, ranging from titanium, zirconium, carbon fiber, cobalt, or steel. You can suit them based on your taste and preferences, whether you prefer style, look, or durability. If you want to save your money more, you can search a plain ring lying on your home and have it coated with camo pattern since some stores offers coating services. The price depends on the shape and form of your ring, the more complicated your ring the pricier it will be, but it still less expensive than having to buy your own ring. So, based on the above paragraphs, when choosing a wedding ring for your male partner, here are some things you might want to remember.

Pattern Camo Wedding Rings for Him

The pattern of the ring
This is the main thing to consider when choosing a ring, unlike a diamond ring where its main attraction lays within the diamond, a camo wedding ring uniqueness lies within its pattern. So take time when choosing what pattern you want on your ring. Also choose pattern that suit your partner’s taste since its him who will be wearing the ring, not you, remember to ask for his advice, and if possible, take him to the jewelry store with you. Don’t forget to check your partner’s wardrobe for inspiration, as it may contain one or two articles of camo clothing.

The material of the ring

The material of the ring can act as a complement for the ring’s pattern since each material has a different character and color. For example choosing titanium, which is bright-colored, as a material may, complements a dark-colored pattern. Other than acting as a complementary, choosing the material also has an effect for your ring’s lifespan and durability, since each material has a different strength.

This is the main thing that you should never forget, budget, always remember how much your budget is when you want to buy a ring, since it’s not cheap. Although practically buying a camo wedding ring is cheaper than buying a diamond wedding ring, its still costs money. So if you are on a tight budget, maybe you want to consider the option of finding a cheap plain ring or used ring and then coat them with a camo pattern.

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