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Dina Fithia August 2, 2013
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Diamond Camo Wedding Rings – Great Choose

Diamonds have been regarded as one of the finest stones in the world mainly for one reason, its beauty. Other than its looks, diamond is regarded as one of the strongest natural material in the world. Even the name shows that, diamond comes from the Greek word adámas, which means unbreakable. Its beauty, durability and rarity are some of the reasons why diamond is prized. Having diamond is considered to be a source of pride and a symbol of status. As told in the above paragraph, giving a diamond engagement or wedding ring is a common practice. People often choose diamond partly because its durability and eternal nature represents the hope for an everlasting marriage. Though the cost for obtaining one is pretty expensive, you will not regret your purchase because what you buy lasts forever. Recently, there is a new trend that has gain more popularity, which is camo wedding ring, that is a ring adorned with camouflage pattern. The reasons for camo wedding ring popularity are its cheap price, uniqueness, easy maintenance and durability.

But what about people who want to combine the uniqueness of camo wedding ring with the beauty of diamond? Well the answer is diamond camo wedding ring, which is a camo wedding ring with a diamond adorned on it, because now some jeweler/wedding store offers diamond camo wedding rings. And they don’t sell fake diamonds, what they sell is the real thing. Same as camo wedding ring, jewelry stores offer you the opportunity to customize your ring to make it more personal, either its changing the ring size, camo pattern or add an engraving on the ring. Even better they offer you rings with either a big diamond or a ring adorned with some diamonds.

But choosing diamond can be tricky, especially if it is going to be put in a ring with a camouflage pattern, because the diamond has to complement the camo pattern on the ring and vice versa. Since the dark color of camouflage pattern will have a nice contrast with the bright and shiny diamond. But if you get it right, the end result will be satisfying because you will get a ring that both unique and beautiful.

There are certain things that you have to pay attention for when choosing a diamond, which is color, cut, clarity and carat, or 4C’s. The color of a diamond represents its quality, usually the less colorful diamonds means that is of higher quality. For example white or colorless diamond is usually valued higher than colored diamond such as blue, red, black, diamond. This is because when a diamond is colored its color diminished its sparks and brilliances. But white or colorless diamond you can see clearly it has an amazing spark and brilliances.

The cut of a diamond is the most important thing that you have to consider when choosing a diamond because the cut will affect its spark, brilliance and light reflection. There are 58 facets that have to be cut to form a rough diamond. If a diamond is correctly cut, its shine and brilliance will increase significantly, while if cut incorrectly its value will drop. Since colorless and perfectly cut diamonds are rare, cutting and coloring process may produce blemishes which can affect the clarity of the gem. A great diamond has very few to no blemishes, but still you have to remember that diamond with blemishes and imperfect cut still has an expensive price.

Dimension of Diamond Camo Wedding Rings

And last but not least carats which are the measurement unit for a diamond’s weight. People think that the bigger the diamond the better the quality, that’s not necessarily true. The quality of the diamond is based upon its carat, not its size or dimension. So choose wisely and remember the old adage “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Remember that diamond is not cheap, and probably you will have to spend at least US$1000 to buy one, and maybe the quality is not that good. A high quality diamond can cost at least ten to hundred thousands of dollars depending on the quality. A good idea is to start with smaller or lesser quality diamonds, then buy a bigger or better diamonds to replace your old ones.

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