Mossy Oak Camo Wedding Rings

Dina Fithia August 1, 2013
mossy oak camo wedding rings

Mossy Oak Camo Wedding Rings for You

Camo, short for camouflage, is one of the most popular patterns around the world. Originally used by military forces around the world, they are now adopted by civilian for use in clothing. Usually used for outdoor activities, especially for hunting since camouflage pattern can easily fool animals into thinking that they aren’t seeing you. But now, there is another trend that has quickly turned more and more popular, which is using camo pattern on wedding rings. While camo wedding rings are usually favored by men for their masculine image, they are now finding their way into women as well because of their uniqueness, while being pretty at the same time. While some argue that it may seem less romantic giving your partner a camo wedding ring rather than a gold ring or a diamond wedding ring, giving camo wedding ring has some advantage. First, it has more personal value, especially if your partner loves outdoor activities and hunting. Second it is cheaper than buying a gold ring or a diamond wedding ring, a camo wedding ring has a price range of US$250-500 depending on the details, while a diamond wedding ring price starts from US$1000, and can reach as high as US$1 million depending on the details such as colors, cut, clarity and carats. Third, you can wear your camo wedding ring for outdoor activities.

One of the companies that develops and produce camouflage patterns for clothing and outdoor goods is Mossy Oak. Established in 1986 by Toxey Haas, an avid outdoor explorer Mossy Oak first camouflage pattern gained inspiration from the natural twigs, leaves, and dirt in the woods. From its humble development they have now grow into a household name in outdoor clothing and goods provider, owing to its revolutionary camouflage pattern.

The Best Selling Wedding Ring

Now, Mossy Oak patterns are also being used for camo wedding rings and are one of the best-selling wedding rings in camo wedding ring market. Their camo pattern is famous for its realistic 3D effect and depth of camouflage. Fifteen years ago, Mossy Oak introduces a revolutionary pattern called the break-up, which is one of the first styles to take advantage of new computer and printing and technology.

The result was a revolutionary type of camo pattern with a level of realism unlike anything the world has ever seen. Now, this pattern use additional layers of computer-enhanced imagery including an enhanced base layers, “ghost shadows”, and actual photographs of the outdoor for a nearly 3D effect. This is what makes the break-up pattern from Mossy Oak very popular and has been a best-seller pattern for camo wedding ring. In 2011, Mossy Oak introduced a new pattern that evolves from its break-up pattern called the break-up infinity. The break-up infinity pattern is regarded as the most advanced camouflage pattern ever produced due to its level of details and realism, the experts at Mossy Oak spent a full year working to perfect the design of this pattern. Some say that looking into the break-up infinity pattern is the same as looking into the face of nature itself.

The Price of Mossy Oak Camo Wedding Rings

Furthermore, the price for a break-up camo wedding ring is not that expensive, while a diamond wedding ring can cost you a US$5000 or so; a break-up camo wedding ring only cost US$225 or so, isn’t that a great deal. Also, one of the uniqueness of the break-up camo wedding ring is that each ring uses a different camo pattern so the pattern on each is unique, so your ring will be a one-of-a-kind item. The ring itself uses titanium as its material, so the weight will not burden your hand because titanium is a lightweight metal. Also the silvery color of titanium give the camo pattern a nice contrast.

Other than titanium, there are some other materials you can choose for your ring, like zirconium. Zirconium has many same properties as its counterpart titanium; both are lightweight, very durable and hold up well against wear. What sets it apart is its color; zirconium has a black coating due to heating process. The coating gives the metal a nice edgy look and is traditionally even more durable than the titanium. So if you are a fan of all things black, you should grab one.

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mossy oak camo wedding rings

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