Realtree Camo Wedding Rings

Dina Fithia September 30, 2013
realtree camo wedding rings

Realtree Camo Wedding Rings – Along with your intention to tell your special person and to tie her down in a sacred bound of marriage, comes the need for something to reflect the long lasting characteristic you wished for your relationship. Something with longevity. Something that reflects the eternal feeling, preciousness and the purity of your relationship. Nothing less than a ring to fulfill that need. Ring is widely known to be a symbol of unity and commitment, a symbol of a sacred matrimonial bound. But there are just too many types of rings in the world to choose the perfect one from. For those who search for natural feels for their rings, camo wedding rings are the perfect solution.

It is understandable the importance of a wedding rings. It is one item that you just can’t afford to leave, let alone let broken or scratched. But certain condition usually demands you to leave your wedding rings or risking it to be broken or scratched. This condition is the reason behind the emergence of camo wedding rings. It is designed with military, hunting and outdoor activities in mind. Camo is short of camouflage. Camouflage itself is an ancient pattern used in the army as the motive for their uniform. It is used to hide their movement from the enemy or to ease their approach to animal. It is also used to blend in with the natural surroundings. A camo wedding ring, having used the camouflage and army feels, naturally a preferable choice among men who loves outdoor activities. Unlike traditional wedding rings with their sense or beauty and regal like feelings, camo wedding rings are a unique diversion for those outdoor type of guy who love to rebel against tradition and formality.

Camo wedding rings come in several patterns that have their own merits. Let us take a look at them.

Central European Realtree Camo Wedding Rings

As the name suggests, it is a pattern from central European. But it is not restricted to that area. It is also widely used in several countries in Africa; ex colonies of French, Ethiopia and Angola to name a few. It is dominated by the brown and green colors. To be exact, olive green combined with milky and dark brown. It has a subtle big pattern without a lot of smaller details. Due to that pattern it is considered more suitable to be used for a wide camo wedding ring. It could be placed in the middle of the ring, but it is also an option to cover the ring all around. The rather big pattern will be more suitable for a big jewel on the center or a spread of smaller jewels.

US Woodland Realtree Camo Wedding Rings

Another pattern suitable for your camo wedding rings is US Woodland Patterns. It is also officially used as the military uniform for US Army and also adapted by some countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is also known as Battle Dress Uniform. Similar with Central European pattern, it has green as the basic color and then some milky brown and dark brown. The size of patterns is smaller than they on the Central European. For your camo wedding rings, it is better if this pattern is matched by tiny and simple jewels can be only one jewel or more. Both gold and silver colors are suitable as the frame of these camo wedding rings.

British Desert Realtree Camo Wedding Rings

This pattern is known as the uniform of Canadian military, when the armies are on duty in Middle East areas, particularly for the snipers in Afghanistan. It is a combination of milky light and darker brown. The size of patterns is similar with them of US Woodland. For camo wedding rings, the pattern is suitable if it is matched with golden frame. It is also perfectly fit with some tiny jewels around it. You can make such wide camo wedding rings with this pattern for men and the thinner for women.

Disruptive Realtree Camo Wedding Rings

It is known as the military uniform of United Armed Forces, a military group of United Kingdom and also adapted by many countries in Africa and Asia. Comparing with some other patterns described above, Disruptive Pattern Material is having smaller and more complicated accents. It is a combination from some colors such as dark green, light green, yellow, and brown.

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