Pink Diamond Wedding Rings

Dina Fithia April 17, 2013
pink diamond wedding rings

Pink Diamond Wedding Rings – Diamond is the best friend of woman. It is absolutely true. What about pink? Almost all of woman love this color. What if those two woman’s favorite mixed into a wedding ring? I believe none of those girls can refuse that. Natural colored diamonds are very precious, rare, and expensive. Pink diamonds are one of the rarest and most adorable colors. Yep, pink diamond wedding rings are the answer for you who want to propose your women that you love, and want to try something good.

Bored with usual wedding ring? Colored diamond this time is in popularity, especially the pink one. Caused by Ben Aflleck, in 2003 he gave a beautiful ring with more than five carat pink diamond cost 1,1 million US$ as engagement ring for his girlfriend, the sexy singer Jennifer Lopez. Since then, the similar ring the much copied, and favored by couple who are bored with clear white diamonds and want to be different. What exactly are pink diamonds? Diamond can occur in nearly any color, there are many color of diamonds such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown, black, and pink. Pink diamonds are same in nature as normal white diamond; the only difference is their glamorous pink color  Pink color is popular color of your lady luck, as the fabulous diamonds. Vintage, diamonds that has no color are no more as interesting as the colorful diamonds are and pink diamonds really stands high on the popularity chart.

All about Pink Diamond Wedding Rings

Pink diamond has become the most preferred color of the diamond than the other diamonds. It is well known as a kind of diamond which is very rare in the world, so it’s worth the price if given the highest among all types of fancy diamonds. Pink diamond was also wanted by a lot of people especially women as the absolute gorgeous diamond color, this colored diamonds are so rare that is usually found only in small sizes only.

Pink diamonds are the world’s most scarce and precious diamonds. Its composition is natural as the colorless diamonds. The color of the diamond happens because of additional minerals. Pink diamond has been much sought since centuries ago. Although sometimes the size smaller than diamonds in general, the color and the rarity make this type of diamond is very precious. Pink diamond sales had beaten regular diamond (white) in the last ten years. Pink diamond price has skyrocketed over the past 20 years. The reason is its rarity.

Pink Diamond Wedding Rings for Special Women with Special Prince

Natural fancy diamond are extremely rare and the more intense color, the rarer and more expensive the fancy colored diamond will be. Pink diamonds are the rarest as only 1 out of the top 66 largest diamonds in the earth is pink color. Pink diamonds are generally sold for up to $1,000,000 a carat. There are many kind of pink diamonds, the most precious pink diamond such as, Darya e Noor (ocean of light), Noor-ul-Ain (light of the eye), The Steinmetz Pink, The Shah Jahan, The Agra, The Pink Sunrise, The Rose of Dubai, The Mouawad Lilac, The Williamson, The Pink Orchid, The Mouawad Pink, The Hortensia, The Graff Pink Supremme, The Grand Conde, The Vivid Pink,

Pink is the symbol of happiness and joy, this color is the most favorite of the women, while diamonds are the symbol of  action, passion, energy, and eternity, that’€™s way  pink diamond wedding rings always wanted by brides. There are so many Hollywood celebrity got pink diamond ring from her fianc’e, such as Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Tara Reid, Katie Price, and Blake Lively. You want one? Get it now! You can find tons of pink diamond wedding rings online or order by your own design from the jeweler. Pink diamond wedding rings for women are very gorgeous and stunning. It is beautiful, glamorous, sweet like a candy, fancy, and absolutely unique, what else? It’€™s just totally perfect for your wedding, what more can I say? Pink Diamond Wedding Rings is the best choice! Pink diamond wedding rings are beautiful rings for your wedding. Everyone knows that diamond is the best friend for women, especially diamond, which has pink color. It is very marvelously glamour. Buy this beautiful pink diamond wedding ring for your beautiful wedding.

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