Black Gold Engagement Rings – A Mysterious in Your Holy Ceremony

Dina Fithia July 23, 2013
black gold engagement ring

As uncommon as it is, there are several people who are eager to use black as their color to every part of their event they have in their life; including their wedding. It might seem odd to have black curtain for your wedding ceremony, or black gown. But we can’t pretend to be blind that there are people who like it that way and it is their right to do so. Good news for them, they can now have black gold engagement rings for their once-in-a-lifetime-event.

Why Black Gold Engagement Rings?

Why, you ask? Well, white engagement rings or yellow engagement rings are too main stream, some people may find. And black gold engagement rings also bring a certain feeling that you can’t possibly get from white or yellow or silver engagement rings. Black transmits a dark yet elegant feeling to the surrounding. It isn’t necessarily has to be all black to add a little gothic theme to your party though. Just a simple touch of black in your ring finger will do the magic.

Black Gold Engagement Rings Bring the Mystery

Not only black gold engagement rings accessorize your finger well, it also bring exotic feeling to the person who wears it, which will be you if you are the one who wear it. It gives mystery vibe that you can’t get from white or yellow gold. White might symbolize purity and holiness but black symbolizes something more powerful; mystery. It raises wonder from the audiences.

For some people, that just want something different but not to extreme, blackish wedding ceremony can be modify to be a mid-blackish ceremony. For example, you can put a touch of black to your gown with black ribbon at your back, black silk ribbon added to the neck lining. You can also add black diamond sown all over the lower gown to make it prettier. If money is not your main concern, putting real diamond to your gown is a magnificent idea, but if budget is your main concern, I suggest you to use fake diamond or something as sparkly as diamond to make yourself stand out among the crowd of your guests.

The decision of being ultra mysterious even when you’re doing your holy ceremony is in your hand. Discuss it with your partner before you two decide on the ring. However, when you decide to buy the black gold engagement rings for you and your partner, make sure that you don’t get mixed up with black gold hills engagement rings. I’m not saying that black gold hills engagement rings are no good, it’s just completely different. Both are pretty in their own way, and you may choose the one that suit your taste well. Aside from delivering mysterious feeling, black gold engagement rings increase the elegance and certainly bring uniqueness in your overall attire. If you want to stick with bright decoration, bright gown and suit, it will suit it still. Ring is the most essential thing yet the smallest thing in the wedding ceremony.

black gold engagement rings black hills gold engagement rings

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