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Dina Fithia August 22, 2013
cheap unique wedding rings for women

Cheap Unique Wedding Rings – No matter where the wedding venue will be held, how many invitations to come or how expensive weddings are, everything was back to the essence of the concept of marriage is: a symbol of the union of love is very precious. It’s nice it feels to get a wedding ring and plan everything for the wedding day later. Wedding rings declare everything; hopefully forever will be used, so it must be truly right chosen appropriately. There are many popular models of wedding rings to choose from. But sometimes the choices can be confusing because we should suit with budget we have. The following guidelines provide early clues before you buy a wedding ring that you will buy.

Select or Diamond Gems

First, if you cannot buy real diamonds, you might want to consider buying a gemstone. It is not a sin if you swap the diamond by using rubies, sapphires, emeralds or other precious stones such as a diamond substitute. Most marriage couples choose gemstones or a grand and lasting cubic zirconium gemstones are likely to cost less. But the choice ultimately fell back again to the wedding couple. If your budget is less than US $ 500 dollars, you’d better buy gemstones, due to the size and value of diamonds ranging from US $ 500 dollars or maybe more. US $ 125 is the cheapest price for a diamond carat weight 0:15 or 0:25 with the risk quality of the goods that are still not clear and without any formal certificate.

Price and Quality Diamonds

Even so, if you have a budget of US $ 700 up to US $1000, you can buy a diamond that is well worth the price. Maybe with the price, the size of the diamond is still small with a low quality diamond, but a diamond that has a value that can be appreciated and have licensed stone. Furthermore, if someone has the money of US $ 1000 to US $ 2000, we will certainly get a diamond higher quality than before, which is about the size of: 0:30 or 0.75 carats.

Diamond rings (solitaire)

Similarly, the spending of US $ 2000 to US $ 3500, you will get a little rusty diamonds but still impressed luxurious. Often times, the diamonds are in this price range, has a little flaw is easily seen, the usual color quality or a discounted price / value little that could ultimately destroy the brilliance of real diamonds.

Diamond rings (model channel-set)

Based on this, the range of diamond prices will continue rising to peak at the rate of US $ 50.000. Diamonds are top of the price (U.S. $ 500 million) is a diamond measuring more than 3 carats and is usually adjusted desire. 100 million yellow diamond ring 1:51 CT (model 3-stone princess)

As well as the shape of the Diamond Model

Certainly, the model of a ring is very important. Once again, the model will be used later entirely a decision of the wedding couple. There has been a lot of diamonds are popular models from time to time and is a classic diamond. For example, models shaped gemstone thin single roundabout coming from a gem earrings. Platinum precious metals are usually more likely to be widely used as a model / materials for a marriage ring, but make no mistake; silver or gold can also be used as an elegant model. This type of gold and silver never stand through time
One more model of the wedding ring is Channel-Set, where diamonds have distance with the tape. Kind / type of the ring produce a lot of sparkle of diamonds. Stone laid in a groove contained in the ring, in which the upper side pearl wrapped / filled with a circle. Channel-set models tend to be more expensive than rock-types with single or 3-stone great. This is because the 7 small stones less than 1 total large stones with the same weight.

Finally, there are three stone rings with each stone symbolize: past, present and future of a marriage partner. There is also a separate rod with rings its separate detached and situated in the middle of the diamond. It can expand the focus area of the ring that will be allowed to put a jewel in the middle. Anything that we might be spending for the wedding rings, we should remember that we can buy a unique wedding ring with a cheap price tag.

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cheap unique wedding rings cheap unique wedding rings for women

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