CZ Wedding Ring Sets for Your Wedding

Dina Fithia July 15, 2013
cz wedding ring sets

Wedding is coming, the one important item a wedding could not go without, wedding rings set. Have you decided what you’d like for this piece that you will wear till the end? We would like to introduce to you one among the thousands of options, CZ wedding ring sets.

Understanding CZ Wedding Ring Sets

Since you are presented with thousands of options for wedding ring sets, a very wide variety of options, both in cost and designs, it is better to narrow down to what your requirements are. Let’s say from cost point of view, why not choose to pay a decent price and still get a good result. CZ wedding ring sets the affordable wedding ring sets is one you should consider. What is CZ? It stands for cubic zirconia. This is a diamond simulant. Yes, it is a synthetic diamond. Cubic zirconia is the cubic crystalline form of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2) mixed with other ingredient and heated with very high temperature to reach certain hardness. The mixed will be different from one manufacturer to another. This material is usually colorless, however, it can also be made into different colors. Such as pink, lavender, golden, orange, green, purple, black or any other colors. These colors are obtained by adding certain amount of certain metal during the production process. The durability, low cost and visually aspects (the resemblance to diamond) is as such, that they are the most economically important competitor for diamond.

Sometimes cubic zirconia was mistakenly identified as cubic zirconium. However, cubic zirconia is not cubic zirconium, actually there is not cubic zirconium. The crystal shape of zirconium is tetragonal, not cubic.

A few key features to distinguish between cubic zirconia from diamond:
• Hardness: cubic zirconia has a hardness of approximately 8 on Mohs compare to diamond at 10. 8 being the high level of hardness, depending on the manufacturer, as cubic zirconia came in several graded quality. Lower grade will be less in the hardness level.
• Density: cubic zirconia is about 1.7 times denser than diamond.
• Refractive index: cubic zirconia is 2.15–2.18, compared to a diamond at 2.42.
• Dispersion: cubic zirconia dispersion of light is very high at 0.058–0.066, exceeding a diamond at 0.044.
• Cut: cubic zirconia may be cut differently from diamonds, the  facet can be rounded.
• Color: diamonds which are truly colorless are the rarest. As for cubic zirconia, basically they are colorless, even though manufacturer may produce them in various of colors.
• Thermal conductivity: cubic zirconia is a thermal insulator contrary to diamond, which is a very good thermal conductor.

Choosing the Right CZ Wedding Ring Sets

Seeing the comparison, there should not be any doubt why you should not consider cubic zirconia wedding bands as an option. Especially considering the difference of price between CZ wedding ring sets and diamond wedding ring sets. The difference in price between CZ wedding ring sets to real diamond is roughly like this. You can have a whole set of cubic zirconia adorned jewelry, necklace, earrings and all, for what you pay for one real diamond ring.

The options of this cheap wedding ring sets, among others are:

black cz wedding ring sets
• stainless steel cubic zirconia wedding ring sets
• sterling silver cz wedding sets
• gold cz wedding rings set

As for cut shape. They are of very wide variety, among others the most common are:

• Round
• Oval
• Square
• Heart
• Marquise
• Pear
• Trillion
• Fancy

How to choose cubic zirconia wedding ring sets :

• Clarity of the gemstones. Check the clarity or the clearness of the stone, the clearer the better.
• The cut. The facets must be even and precise to create the right appearance. While this might be difficult to see with naked eyes, you can consult with the jeweler for their advice.
• The quality. The grading of cubic zirconia are from A, AAA, and AAAAA – represents the highest grade, naturally will be of the highest price. However, still several times lower compare to diamond.

Some suppliers claim that a CZ wedding ring sets are as good as real diamond. No one can tell the different, hence, why pay more to buy real diamond?
CZ wedding ring sets can be found on the internet, ebay wedding ring sets, for example. These affordable wedding ring sets can be bought online. Some even offer a few days chance of full refunding, incase you are disappointed with the cz wedding ring set.

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