4 Different Types of Gold Wedding Ring Sets for Perfect Wedding

Dina Fithia April 17, 2013
gold wedding ring sets

Gold Wedding Ring Sets – Most couples who want to celebrate their wedding ceremony tend to choose to use something precious including the wedding ring they want to use. Probably, you also have the same intention especially in the type of wedding ring you want to use. If it is so, you can just take one of precious wedding ring material which is gold. There are hundred of gold wedding ring sets you can use and you have to choose the best one for your wedding ceremony. The gold itself is divided into 4 different types and you have to learn it first so you know the best gold wedding ring you want to use in your wedding ceremony.

Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Sets

The first type of gold wedding ring sets is yellow gold wedding ring. The shiny and bright yellow color from the gold makes this material interested to see. You can take 10K yellow gold wedding ring as your reference. The 10K yellow gold and diamond are two perfect materials which make the ring look glamour and precious to wear in your special moment. For you information, this kind of wedding ring is made in India and you can choose the carat just like you want up to 0.5 carat. The special thing of the wedding ring is the total of the stone applied on the ring. In specific, this great ring is using up to 32 stones. The stone is designed along with natural creation method and good cutting method. The setting of this ring with round stone is flush and channel. If you think that this type of wedding set is a good option to celebrate your wedding ceremony, you just buy it for about $288.00. Nowadays, you can also buy this wedding ring online from a reputable online store.

White Gold Wedding Ring Sets for Woman

It is a little bit complicated to get gold ring sets for women because of them look fascinating to wear. In this case, you can take the second type of gold which is white gold wedding ring. In fact, you can also find several great references to choose for your beloved woman. One of white gold wedding rings you can buy is 10K white gold wedding ring. This kind of wedding ring is also using two materials which are diamonds and white gold. The cutting style of the ring is princess along with prong setting. The design of the ring makes this ring looks glamour and ideal option for your beloved one. For some men, price is not a matter as long as they can make their woman happy. If you think that your beloved couple will be very happy with this type of white wedding ring, just spend $2,350.00 and you can put the ring in her finger to show your love.

Rose Gold Wedding Ring Sets

To give different sensation especially on the design of the wedding ring, you can also take rose gold wedding ring. Definitely, what makes this wedding ring special is on the sophisticated design.  For your reference, you can just bring round diamond wedding ring set home. You can choose the wedding ring with 14K rose gold. Commonly, it is also combined with white gold to make the wedding ring looks amazing to see. The natural creation method and the prong or pave setting are applied to give you a special wedding ring design. In the end, you will see a wedding ring with good cutting quality. This ring is $2.679.99 and it is more expensive if it is compared to the second reference.

Two Tone Gold Wedding Ring Sets

If you want some more, you can also buy two tone gold wedding ring sets for bride and groom. Actually, you can just buy this type of wedding ring for woman and man. Both of you can choose three different carat which are 10K, 14K, and 18K. Besides choosing three different types of carat it is also possible for you to choose one of three tone gold wedding rings. In this case, you can purchase white and yellow gold wedding ring, rose and white gold wedding ring, or rose and yellow gold wedding ring. The price of the wedding ring is various but you can buy it around $300.00 up to $500.00 and eve more. The combination method applied on two tone wedding rings make people want to buy it for wedding ceremony.  Now, you have four references of gold wedding ring sets and just choose the best one for your wedding.

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