What a Wendy Williams Wedding Ring Can Do?

Dina Fithia October 5, 2013
wendy williams wedding ring pictures

Wendy Williams wedding ring was a hot topic on TVs and the internet. The queen of talk show went from one show to another as a guest star and so many websites talked about her marvelous wedding ring. Well, that was what happened on the screen, but in the real life, she is just a woman like you and me, who always love so many kinds of diamond wedding rings. Still, when everyone found out she had had a chance – just call it that way – to upgrade her previous 3-carat into a 7-carat wedding ring, Wendy’s fame lifted up even more. You wanted to watch the Wendy Williams’ talk show only to ogle her wedding ring, did not you.

Wendy Williams Wedding Ring Pictures

Although the public enthusiasm was over, Wendy Williams’ ring has made its mark, owing to the outstanding appearance, and so the discussion continues today. In fact, she has also inspired women to upgrade the uncomfortable diamond wedding ring due to pregnancy. Again, the upgrade includes both the higher carat as well as additional design and more diamonds along the band. If you are inspired to do the same thing, the pictures of Wendy Williams wedding ring are on the internet. She was somehow winning in stealing public attention back then, so the ring pictures remains stand out. They are helpful sources if you want to have such an outstanding upgrade for yourself.

wendy williams wedding ring

Wendy Williams Wedding Ring up Close

While the online search will come about, let me describe in words the picture of Wendy Williams wedding ring. Keep in mind that you cannot even call the ring huge, as you will look at the diamond gemstone on it.
• The gemstone – it is the first question on Wendy Williams wedding ring: how many carats it is. Even if 7 carats seem to be a big number, her husband would never give her a fake diamond, would he. Take it to your gut, then. It is 7 carats, but it is not the end. There are more: smaller size diamonds around the 7-carat mother and along the bands – improving the terrific appearance.
• The band –Wendy combines, out of the ordinary, two eternity bands with her 7-carat ring. The number really adds up to something.
• The setting –Thankfully, Wendy settled with vintage design. The design certainly makes the 7-carat diamond classic rather than excessive. Indeed, since 1930s, vintage style has been doing up the woman who wears it, not to mention the diamond.

Wendy Williams Wedding Ring

Getting the Most of Wendy William’s Wedding Ring

There are indeed many wedding ring styles, but a vintage design on your finger will have the gorgeous impression. Besides, you can carry the style by having your love quote or both of your husband’s and your names engraved on the inside, leaving your diamond perfect on the outside. While Wendy has her diamond in round cut, you can have yours in other shapes, such as oval, princess, emerald, cushion, radiant, pear, marquise, or heart. Now you can design your own wedding ring. Certainly, some credits go to the marvelous Wendy Williams wedding ring.

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